Saturday, May 7, 2011

...on Learning

Since this is my first blog (ever) I need to start small, in part to practice the new tool, but mainly because I still have a lot to learn.

So I've decided to start with lessons on learning in general...

The Ten Things I Learned...on Learning

1. Look around at everyone.
- This is the main idea behind my theory: that you can learn from anyone around you. From my Egyptian Tour guide to Michael Jackson's music. From my favorite boss to a NJ perfume chemist. From my friends and family to a reality TV show. You'll understand once you get into more of my blogs. My inspiration began in my honeymoon in Egypt. I was impressed on how our tour guide controlled a group of 20 so professionally and respectfully, and I thought to myself "that would make a good manager"

2. Listen to your mom; she might be the smartest person you ever meet.
- It might be hard at times, but moms know best. Not only are they experienced in life, they're also the only ones who truly knew you from your beginnings, the ones who genuinely care.

3. Surround yourself with smart friends.  
- Find friends that upgrade you. It’s beyond book smarts, it’s street smarts, and family smarts. Find good students with good values, strong will, and a great sense of humor.

4. Go to school - longer than you think you can.
- Obviously, get a good education. But just when you think you’ve had enough, extend it. Complete another course, another major, and MBA and/or masters.   

5. Your brain's like a computer - You need to shut down, you need to delete
- Take a break from learning when you need one, go into sleep mode, preferably shut down!
- There's only so much a brain can hold, like a hard drive you have to go back and delete useless information.

6. Believe in something extraordinary
- Whatever you believe, or whichever religion you follow...there's something out there interested in teaching you lessons! Sometimes the hard way! Things happen for a reason - learn from it!

7. Read books
- Books are notes that smart people take. Whether it’s a novel teaching you proper English, or a self-help book helping you lose some pounds, books were made to teach.

8. Carry an encyclopedia in your pocket
- With today's technology there's no excuse for not learning. When you’re curious on something, and in your idle time, pull up Wikipedia on your iPhone. You can learn anything; from Disney’s dream while driving through Orlando to Benjamin Franklin’s inventions while sitting in a Philadelphia airport.

9. Study your passionate subjects
- Don’t be an expert at everything. Find the topics that drive your passion and learn them well. From Scuba Diving to Photography. From Public Speaking to Muscle Building. From Coaching to Motherhood. Find what moves you and be the best at it.

10. Find somebody to love you
- Your wife, husband, or significant other will teach you the hardest lessons: who you are. They are genuinely interested in making you better. Listen to them, but more importantly, love them too!

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